Sylvain Rochet (gradator) web page

I am too modest to describe myself... myself, sorry if you were coming here to check that :)

Projects of which I am the main maintainer or contributed projects :

Free hosting for free people.

Virtual Hosting For Free Software : massive shared hosting platform.

lwIP is a small independent implementation of the TCP/IP protocol designed for embedded devices. I am maintaining the PPP stack.

A simple tool to check if a domain is well-configured using a complete recursive checking.

GtkAtlantic and monopd
A game like monopoly, GtkAtlantic is a network client which works with the monopd server.

An improved tron game.


email: gradator at gradator dot net (Answer delay may vary from few minutes to several months mainly depending on my busiest status, but I answer to all emails)
jabber: gradator at jabber dot devnullteam dot org (Being in the available status does not always mean that I am)
irc: #tuxfamily at or #gtkatlantic at (As previous, being connected does not always mean that I am here, however this is quite often true)

I operate by Crocker's Rules so you can optimize your message size.


There is a "Sylvain Rochet" on Facebook, Copains d'avant, Myspace, LinkedIn, and viadeo, this is NOT me.

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