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Who am I ? I guess you ended up here because you wanted to know a little more about me. First, I'm not very fond of social networks, so if you think you found a “Sylvain Rochet” on websites like Facebook, Copains d'avant, Myspace, LinkedIn, Viadeo, well, sorry but this is not me. That being said, for a living I am an embedded hardware and software (which I prefer) developer working on a wide scale of products ranging from tiny microcontrollers up to ARM-based SoCs able to run the Linux kernel. Apart from that, I am contributing to some projects being or related to free software. Among them are:

Active projects

TuxFamily, a non-profit organization which provides free services for projects and contents dealing with the free software philosophy (free as in free speech, not as in free beer). We accept any project released under a free license (GPL, BSD, CC-BY-SA, Art Libre…). I joined TuxFamily in 2004 and I am the chairman since 2007.

VHFFS (Virtual Hosting For Free Software), a massive shared hosting platform which is currently running TuxFamily.

lwIP, a small independent implementation of the TCP/IP protocol designed for embedded devices. I rewrote almost from scratch the lwIP PPP stack and I am currently maintaining it as well as providing support.

GtkAtlantic and monopd, a network game like Monopoly®. Monopd is the server and GtkAtlantic is one of the available clients using this server. I started working on GtkAtlantic in 2002 and I am still improving it when time allows.

Projects in the attic

DNSCheck, a simple tool to check if a domain is well-configured using a complete recursive checking. It used to be very useful for me but it stopped working a few years ago because I am not very familiar to DNS details and I did not take the time to fix it yet.

gtkMaggot, an improved tron game. Not updated for more than a decade, it bitrots up to the point of being very hard to build.


Email:, answer delay may vary from few minutes to several months mainly depending on my busy status, but I try to answer to all emails, don't hesitate to ping me. I operate by Crocker's Rules so you can optimize your message size.

Jabber/XMPP:, note that being in the available status does not always mean that I am.

IRC: #tuxfamily at or #gtkatlantic at, being connected does not always mean that I am here.

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